"To be angel hearted enough to hold dark lives (starved for inspiration) until they overcome to become light (for the inspiration starved)."



Ark Angels, Inc.

BEAUTY. VALUE. INTELLIGENCE. WORTH. How much does a child's development hinge on these four words to shape his or her character understanding and ultimate destiny? Could it be that these understandings or the lack thereof set the internal compass needle that becomes a course for each vital life choice? The ARK ANGEL ORIGIN and passions symbolize the compass needle for character understanding and impartation to inspire fresh life choices releasing the true beauty, value, intelligence and worth potential of the adolescent community.







Anti-social Pull   Pro-social Pull
  • Gang members
  • Anti-social peers
  • Drug using peers
  • Law breaking parents
  • Adults on probation
  • Parents
  • Teachers
  • Social workers
  • Pro-social peers
  • Community based organizations
  • Parks & Recreation workers
  • Probations officers / Legal advocates
  • Faith based community members
  • Positive neighbors



The natural youth desire to have influence has been overwhelmingly capitalized on by the anti-social pull of negative influences including various levels of “gang”  and “peer” pressure. With media forces and other factors inciting more division between youth, parents, educators and community our children are most often a characterization of victims and liabilities instead of heroes and future leaders.



The victory is that a winning youth legacy worthy of this nations vast possibilities is possible with higher character internalization, elevated on the wings of creative exposure.