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The Invitation | Ark Angels Legacy

The extra degree that is our Inspiration, Transformation and Empowerment gift to future generations could not be accomplished without heroes who from all walks of life have openly and anonymously responding to vital areas of partnership support. This has prompted a new awareness that The Invitation to invest should not only have an emphasis on dollars but on the possible creative involvement and giving of every donor.


The Invitation to Become A Legacy Partner

Legacy: *Inspire *Transform *Empower invests in the human spirit. The tax deductible gifts and help from individual and corporate sponsors make the work of inspiring dark lives to be a showcase of star light possible. Though financial gifts of any amount help meet specific needs of the families we serve, the creative variety  of Legacy Partner investments in the movement transcend money alone. Here are some of the avenues individuals and corporations are becoming vested as Legacy Partners and making life changing differences.


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